Why ChooseComScire?

What experts say about ComScire® generators

Hurley-Smith, D. & Hernandez-Castro, J., Quam Bene Non Quantum: Identifying Bias in a Commercial Quantum Random Number Generator, Presented at: Real World Crypto 2018:
  • Comscire PQ32MU @ https://comscire.com/product/pq32mu/
  • Quantum Entropy provided by shot-noise due to sub-threshold and gate
  • tunneling leakage in MOS transistors
  • Performs well in all tests
  • Extremely high rate of number generation (32Mb/s) [128Mb/s is now off-the-shelf]
  • Built-in post-processing [Post processing is not required for NIST full entropy]
  • Bulky! [Note, current devices are about ¼ the size of the one presented]
Herrero-Collantes, M. & Garcia-Escartin, J.C., Quantum Random Number Generators, INCIBE 2016:
  • Unless there is some interesting effect, we will not discuss true random number generators where quantum noise is only an unquantified part of the total available randomness. There are a few interesting exceptions… For Comscire’s QRNG there is a detailed estimation of the quantum entropy gathered from shot noise in MOS transistors.
McGraw, Gary & Viega, John, Make your software behave: Beating the bias: How to approach truly random number generation through hardware, IBM DeveloperWorks, 2000 (Archive):
  • “Probably the most widely used device is the ComScire QNG (see Resources), which is an external device that connects to a PC using the parallel port. The device is believed to be well-designed, and has done extremely well in statistical analyses of its output.”
Dr. George Marsaglia, well-known random number guru and developer of the Diehard Test Suite, personal communication, 1996:
  • “I have tested your QNG device – extensively – and it passes all tests. It is the best – indeed, the only – device I have tested that does so. Thank you for sending it.”