Leadership Team

Scott A. Wilber, Founder and President

Founder Scott A. Wilber, veteran owner, is a well-established inventor and entrepreneur with 12 patents including two for the first commercially viable pulse oximeter, recognized as one of the most valuable medical devices of the 20th century. Other patents cover inventions in the fields of laser gyroscopes, optical character recognition and influence of mind detection, as well as five patents for true random number generators and generation methods.

Mr. Wilber spent years as a researcher at the University of Colorado and co-authored several articles published in major scientific journals such as Physical Review B, Journal of the Electrochemical Society and Inorganic Syntheses. He previously held a Top Secret clearance for classified work with the US military.

Mr. Wilber brings vast technical expertise to the company. In addition, he is a highly experienced business leader. His track-record of technical and entrepreneurial successes includes founding and running several companies. Some specific areas of excellence include:



  • Business organization and management including all aspects of high-tech start-ups
  • Fund raising
  • Tax, legal and patent issues

Technology Assessment:

  • Patentability
  • Manufacturing
  • Cost and marketability


  • Pharmaceutical (especially bio-pharmaceuticals),
  • Chemical and laboratory equipment and procedures, HPLC
  • X-ray crystallography and high-pressure (kiloton) presses
  • Applied Optics including bio-optics, Solid-State chemistry
  • Materials research on high-temperature superconductivity and wires
  • Electromagnetics
  • Analog and digital circuit design and testing including FPGA implementations and embedded systems
  • Microwave devices and related printed circuit design
  • Analog and digital signal processing
  • Real-time computer systems
  • Randomness and true random number generators and testing
  • Computer modeling and simulation of physical and mathematical systems.

Scott A. Wilber Abridged CV:
  Scott A. Wilber CV