The Quantum World Corporation, which does business under the trade name, ComScire, was incorporated in April, 1994 by Scott A. Wilber to commercialize his invention of a hardware true random number generator for use with computers. The company began selling its true random number generator Model J20KP – the first of its type in the world – soon after the first patent was filed in February, 1995, and has been selling world-wide since then.

ComScire has developed and sold four generations of hardware models with increasing capabilities, as well as a separately patented software-enabled TRNG for use on PC’s. Every hardware model has proven to be extremely reliable with only one confirmed component failure in over 20 years. This is estimated to represent over 10 million cumulative hours of operation.

We supply hardware generators of the highest quality, reliability and ease of use available anywhere. Current models include continuous testing of every raw generated bit and every output bit, and a failsafe shutdown if any fault is detected. The output sequences of ComScire's hardware generators are guaranteed to pass any correctly designed test for randomness, which is the highest standard in the world.

We have an active registration with SAM (CAGE code 3C3Z3) for doing business with U.S. government agencies.

Mr. Wilber is a well-established inventor and entrepreneur with 12 US patents


Including two for the first commercially viable pulse oximeter. According to a Wikipedia article accessed in July, 2012,“Because the pulse oximeter is now used in almost all areas of hospital care and related fields, Mr. Wilber’s invention is recognized as one of the ten most valuable medical devices of the 20th century.

His other patents cover inventions in the fields of laser gyroscopes, optical character recognition and influence of mind detection, as well as five issued patents for true random number generators and generation methods. Mr. Wilber also co-authored several articles published in major scientific journals such as Physical Review B,  Journal of the Electrochemical Society and Inorganic Syntheses.


One of the first pulse oximeters – still functional today. Manufactured in June, 1981, by Bioximetry Technology, Inc., the company co-founded by Mr. Wilber.