The ComScire® MicroStrong™ True Random Number Generator

4 to 16 million bits per second in a truly tiny package. 7x7mm QFN or 2.2×2.6mm CSP (shown in image). Flexible interface options, low power: 12 or 15mW. Contact us for details.

The ComScire® CryptoStrong™ Cryptographic TRNG

128 million bits per second, USB interface. Certified for both NIST SP 800-90C and BSI AIS 20/31 Class PTG.3 standards. Guaranteed Quantum Computer Secure™

The ComScire® PureQuantum® Quantum Random Number Generator

4 to 128 million bits per second, USB interface. Guaranteed to pass any properly designed test for randomness.

True Random Number Generators

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are the foundation of all modern applications requiring the highest level of data security, and provide complete confidence in the fairness of random selections or drawings. ComScire random generators are mathematically proven to be the most unpredictable and secure possible.

The World's Best Tested

ComScire’s PureQuantum®, CryptoStrong™ and MicroStrong™ are the world’s most reliable commercial TRNGs available. Over 25 years of worldwide sales have provided 1000s of device-years of field testing. Our customers include military and government agencies, defense contractors, research laboratories, national and state lotteries and online gaming companies.