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The Quantum World Corporation, DBA ComScire, is a VIP verified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) that offers wide-ranging technology-related products and services to the federal government and Fortune 500 companies.

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Why Choose ComScire?

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GUARANTEED Unbreakable Randomness™
Our fundamental understanding of entropy and randomness makes us the gold standard others try to reach.
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ComScire: selling True and QRNGs worldwide for 25 years MORE

the longest of any hardware company. We have five issued and multiple pending patents covering true and quantum random number generation. Our IP is widely licensed in the field of information security.

We designed and tested TRNGs using every type of entropy MORE

source, including photonic shot noise with beam splitter or PBS, radioactive decay timing, thermal noise, shot noise, varieties of avalanche and noise diodes as well as Zener diodes and tunneling in MOS LSI transistors.

Technical expertise and practical experience makes us foremost experts MORE

in true random number generation of every description, including quantum and post-quantum varieties. We Know Entropy and Randomness and provide detailed math to back it up.

True Random Number Generators

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are at the heart of all modern computer applications requiring the highest levels of data security and provide complete confidence in the fairness of random selections or drawings. Quantum random number generators are completely unpredictable and are considered to be the most secure type possible.

The World's Most Advanced

ComScire’s new PureQuantum® and CryptoStrong™ TRNGs are the world’s most advanced and most reliable commercial TRNGs available. Relying on experience and technology proven for 25 years, our worldwide customers include national and state lotteries, online gaming companies, gaming systems manufacturers, and military and civilian security agencies.

CryptoStrong™ Model CS128M

Introducing the CryptoStrong™ Model CS128M – World’s fastest and most secure USB-connected true random number generator.

Development of quantum computers will soon provide a means of weakening or breaking many currently used encryption methods. ComScire’s new CryptoStrong™ random number generators provide the highest level of unpredictability and reliability available. The Model CS128M includes an entropy source provably surpassing the security of any other known generator, and cryptographic post processing comprising an AES-256 encryption module as defined by both NIST 800-90A/B/C and the German AIS 20/31 standards. Strong tamper resistance prevents reading or changing firmware and hardware design provides high resistance against side channel attacks.

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