HyperGen™ Model HG16KM

Introducing the new HyperGen™ Model HG16KM – Tools for the Post-Quantum world

The emergence of quantum computers and potential quantum eavesdropping may make most or all of the current methods of encryption and information security obsolete within a very few years. Post-quantum randomness must take into account quantum nonlocality, which puts special requirements on the design of random number generators. The new Synchronized Random Number Generator is a post-quantum development platform that produces NIST “full entropy” random numbers without deterministic post processing, synchronized with UTC to about ±50ns based on GPS time reception. Random bit generation periods of as little as 62.5ns allow spacelike separation in a wide variety of experimental settings, and the production of free random numbers.


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ComScire's hardware generators are designed to be fully compliant with NIST SP 800-90 B and C Recommendations. Full entropy random output is provided with no data conditioning required.


We supply true random number generators of the highest quality and reliability available anywhere – GUARANTEED to pass ANY properly designed test for randomness!


We have been selling world-wide for over 20 years – the longest of any hardware RNG company, and we hold 5 issued patents (others pending) covering true random number generation and methods.

True Random Number Generators

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are at the heart of all modern computer applications requiring the highest levels of data security and provides complete confidence in the fairness of random selections or drawings. Quantum random number generators are completely unpredictable and are considered to be the most secure type possible.

The World's Most Advanced

ComScire’s new Pure Quantum™ TRNGs are the world’s most advanced and most reliable commercial TRNGs available. Relying on experience and technology proven for over 20 years, our worldwide customers include national and state lotteries, online gaming companies, gaming systems manufacturers, and military and civilian security agencies.