ComScire Random Generator
Product Selection Guide

ComScire Random Generator Selection Guide

Use this Chart to compare and determine which ComScire True Random Number Generator is right for your application.

ComScire PQ4000KU ComScire PQ32MU ComScire PCQNG 2.0
4Mbps 32Mbps Selectable 1-32 Kbps
1/0 bias and autocorrelation < 1 part per trillion 1/0 bias and autocorrelation < 1 part per trillion Not guaranteed for all platforms
Continuous hardware and software runtime testing Continuous hardware and software runtime testing No runtime testing
USB 2.0 Full-Speed interface USB 2.0 High-Speed interface Software-enabled
Bus powered – 90mA max from USB connection Bus powered – 200mA max from USB connection N/A
Guaranteed to pass any test for randomness Guaranteed to pass any test for randomness Passes Diehard and other tests
ActiveX connectivity ActiveX connectivity ActiveX connectivity
32/64-bit Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 32/64-bit Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 32/64-bit Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8
Linux 2.6+ Linux 2.6+ No Linux Support
Mac OS X Mac OS X No Mac Support
Includes Drivers, interface and testing software Includes Drivers, interface and testing software Includes testing and demo programs
Recommended for critical applications Recommended for critical applications Not recommended for critical applications
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The Model PQ32MU outputs 32 Million bits per second (Mbps) for applications requiring the highest bit rate available from any USB-connected generator. The Model PQ4000KU outputs 4 Mbps, which is adequate for most gaming and security applications. Both the PQ32MU and PQ4000KU include continuous internal hardware testing of the raw random bits, and host computer software monitoring of received bits to ensure completely unpredictable true random numbers are being supplied to your application. The output is automatically disabled and an error message sent if the estimated entropy of triple-redundant raw generator outputs or the final generator output fall below threshold settings.

Recommended for critical applications requiring the highest trust level. Used for gaming, cryptography, random testing and scientific research. The internal raw data statistics are available at any time through user software commands. User software is generally forward compatible for each hardware generator, including Models R2000KU and R32MU. Entropy content is indistinguishable from 1.0 bits/output bit at the full rated generation rate.

The PCQNG ver 2.0 harvests entropy from hardware components already present in PC’s at about 1-3 Kbps. This patented, software-enabled™ true random number generator provides high quality random numbers for most general purpose applications. This very low-cost generator can be used to generate keys, small one-time-pads for data encryption, random drawings or numbers for local Bingo games, among many other uses. The output rate is user-settable between 1 to 32 Kbps, but set to 1 Kbps if entropy content of 1bit/output bit is desired. If you are running a critical application, for example where money transactions are involved, we recommend our hardware generators, Model PQ4000KU and PQ32MU.

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